1. Mid Frontend Developer

    EyeCheckup - Full Time
    • Resolved minor issues in EyeCheckup Rest API utilizing Java Spring Boot.
    • Developed an endpoint in the Rest API that generates PDF reports tailored to doctors, incorporating data from Artificial Intelligence.
    • Implemented unit tests for the PDF report output that I developed.
    • Implemented user authentication operations and session control.
    • Deployed and integrated EyeCheckup with a scalable AWS architecture.
    • Developed UI and RestAPI for doctor analysis panels.
    • Developed the Eyecheckup Admin & Support Panel, a Demo UI Web Application.
    • Responsible for frontend development and overseeing the product's CI/CD publishing and tracking processes within Amazon Web Services.
    • Designed and implemented AWS architecture for frontend web applications.
    • Utilized Route53, CloudFront, S3, CodePipeline, ELB, EC2, RDS, and VPC connections for this application.
    • Developed the Clinical Research Consent Form Application, serving over 10,000 patients.
    • Created an annotation tool interface and application for use in artificial intelligence trainings.
    • Developed more than 100 annotation components for the doctorsays application.
    • Designed and implemented a component that displays artificial intelligence predictions in the NVFundus Web Application.
    • Successfully integrated frontend applications with REST APIs.
    • PHP
    • ReactJS
    • Java
    • PostgreSQL
    • AWS
  2. Full Stack Developer

    ZeplinX - Full Time
    • Led the software development team of the 'Konyaaltı Esnafım' application.
    • Developed the Frontend and Admin Panel of the ZeplinKENT application, utilized by over 200 municipalities.
    • Worked on enhancing database and user performance of the ZeplinKENT application.
    • Implemented network improvements for the ZeplinKENT application, handling more than 10,000 daily user logins.
    • Created the Frontend component of a career application utilized by corporate companies and provided by municipalities.
    • Developed a travel guide application offered by municipalities for cities and counties.
    • Designed and developed the 'ZeplinWEB' admin panel, facilitating management for all developed applications.
    • Implemented various improvements to the RestAPI service of these applications.
    • Utilized Representational State Transfer (REST) principles extensively in these projects, gaining valuable experience in REST architecture.
    • NodeJS
    • ExpressJS
    • VueJS
  3. Frontend Developer

    Artovy - Part Time
    • Development of corporate and individual website themes
    • Wordpress theme development
    • Development of Wordpress plugins and scripts
    • Developed a QR App for restaurants
    • Providing software consultancy services for overseas companies
    • PHP
    • HTML5 & CSS3
    • Javascript
    • MySQL
    • Wordpress
  4. Jr Frontend Developer

    Tekno Enerji & Bilişim - Internship
    • Frontend web application development
    • Developed a technical service tracking application
    • Installation and technical service of cPanel Reseller Hosting, Gaming Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS), network, and firewall
    • Developed server scripts for Gaming and Communication Applications (such as Fivem, CS:GO, MTA, Minecraft, Discord, Teamspeak)
    • PHP
    • HTML5 & CSS3
    • Javascript
    • MySQL
    • Lua
    • cPanel